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Doing the Impossible

Systems Engineering

Relative Dynamics provides systems engineering and technical leadership expertise for a wide array of systems engineering challenges. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of both hardware and software systems with a cross-disciplinary focus on technical skills and leadership ensures effective and reliable solutions for demanding missions. We are well versed in systems engineering processes that support the end-to-end life cycle of a mission from conception, design, analysis, integration and testing through operations to ultimately ensure mission success.

Optical & RF Communications

Radio Frequency: Relative Dynamics has a wide array of experience in data acquisition and analysis. We develop precise solutions to line-of-sight problems for satellite communications systems and scheduling. We are subject matter experts in link-margin trade studies, Eb/No analysis, data rates specifications, modulation schemes, and randomization methods, just to name a few.

Optical: Research and development of laser pointing, acquisition and pulse emission from satellite laser payload systems to ground terminals as a means of communication.

Guidance, Navigation, and Control

Our engineers provide subject matter expertise in GNC subsystem architecture design, analysis, and testing of both hardware and software components. Relative Dynamics provides astrodynamics expertise for on-orbit operations, including navigation, trajectory design, maneuver planning, collision avoidance and co-location schemes for fleet operations. Our engineers have shepherded the requirements definition and mission checkout and concept of operations for various programs enabling ground breaking precision in navigation and station-keeping.

Mission Assurance Services

Our Mission Dynamic engineers are experts in designing ascent and entry trajectories, rendezvous, proximity and docking operation profiles as they have in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of orbital mechanics. We provide end-to-end design, testing and operational support across multiple platforms.